Red and Green in numbers

21 July, 2014

Red and Green was released 5 days ago and already made 4400 gameplays! The colorblind version made around 200. From Google analytics:


On WebGames subreddit my post is above 100 upvotes, on IndieGaming above 300. Altogether reddit bought around 3000 unique users. Other social networks like Facebook and Twitter bought only 100 users.

Everywhere I look the comments are really nice, supportive and 90% of them are positive about the game. For a popular request I will start working on a mobile version, first for Android then maybe I will make an iOS version too.

Interestingly on NewGrounds, Kongregate,, GameJolt it draw almost no attention, but on avarage it has 4/5 ratings.

348 points on an animation in the IndieGaming subreddit!!!

19 July, 2014

2 days ago I posted a simple gif from my newest game, after I want sleep I saw in the morning on my mobila that around 50 new messages is in my reddit inbox. First I didn't even realised the reason for it, then I saw after 8-9 hours there was around 200 points (around 190 upvotes and 10 downvotes...). Now the post is the 6th most upvoted in the subreddit this month.

It was awesome! There are many supportive, funny comments, like:

this is refreshing and simple. frustrating as hell but it somehow makes me keep pressing the up for a new game. i love it. keep up the good work - quadx
I just want to let you know this is the first game in a long time that will get a verbal "NOO!!!!" from me in a long time. Well done, it's so simple yet a unique game style! :) - ttothees

or in the PlayMyGame subreddit:

Overall your game made me forget I was cooking something on the stove and it nearly boiled over. You can quote me on that. - TheMoonIsFurious

So all in all this was a big suprise for me to have that much upvote on a simple animation.

Also they inspired me to make a version of the game for colorblind people, so after a hour of redesigning the game it is done.

New game will be released in a hour!

16 July, 2014

Yeah, that is right, I am almost finished with a new game, which is similar to 2 Circles and called Red and Green.

Here is an animation of the gameplay:


Daily useful links for game developers #16

15 July, 2014


  • Lessmilk - How I made $12,000 with an ebook in 24 hours
  • FreePD - Public Domain Music
  • Tumblr - Pixel art tutorial
  • AllWorkAllPlay - Orbital Debris: Making an HTML5 Game With Phaser
  • Reddit - Specific tips/suggestions for juicing your game

Accepting Bitcoin donations

15 July, 2014

Since there are no advertisements on the website or on the blog I am starting to accept donations in bitcoin. So if you want to buy me a beer or help to pay the hosting fees please donate some little amount of bitcoin.

Thank you! :)

BTC address: 1Cmfqguh2p1qSj2pt1UpA1CmoWFD4VsUhe

Making of Your Way + Stats

14 July, 2014

The game itself took around a week of programming, the graphics are all from OpenGameArt, the sound effects were made using JSfxr. The idea came from the famous indie game Braid.


For programming I used NetBeans as always, for little graphics changes Gimp.

This is how the program looks like (in Phaser 2.0.6):

  • Every level uses different state
  • Boot, Preload, Main Menu are in different states
  • For the maps I created JSON tilemaps using Tiled, the tile assets are from OpenGameArt

All of my new games are also available on GameJolt, Kongregate, Newgrounds, generating around as much gameplays as on the main site.

Here are the stats since the release:


Alone on NewGrounds there are 1000+ gamplayes, but 1500 is still nice in my opinion for a game made in a week.

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