Daily useful links for game developers #19

25 August, 2014

Ah yeah, after 2 weeks the Daily useful links for game developers are back! :)

  • Reddit - "My tips on how to plan a game, stay motivated and get it finished."
  • OpenGameArt - 240+ free assets from Kenney
  • Obviam.net - AI for complete beginners
  • FreeFirearmSFX.com - Open source medieval weapon sounds
  • GitHub - A curated list of Unity assets, projects, and resources

A new better and updated version of Red and Green is in development!!!

24 August, 2014

With help of an other team we are developing Red and Green (the name will change) in Unity for mobile! The development already started, within weeks the game will be ready for mobile devices (also for desktop).

Stay tuned and check the blog for updated!

Back home

20 August, 2014

Sorry for being afk for two weeks, but I was abroad. Now I am at home and ready to start working on new games!

Daily useful links for game developers #18

30 July, 2014

At the moment I am working on some side project and thinking about a new game idea, but for now the links!

  • Medium.com - Shades of game reality (Article)
  • YouTube - Top 10 Tips How To Sell Your HTML5 Game
  • Informit.com - Top Five Reasons to Learn Game Development
  • YouTube - When is Online Gaming Online Gambling? (Must see video if you are planning an online casino, with or without real money)
  • NewGrounds - Free soundtracks and sound effects (be sure to check the licences before using them)

IT'S HAPPENING! My first mobile game is released!

27 July, 2014

Yeah, after a week of developement to make my newest game compatible with touchscreen I am ready!

Red and Green is now available for mobile browsers, also as an Android application.


You can try it yourself here:

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sk.svejkgames.redandgreen

In browser: http://svejkgames.com/game/red-and-green/mobile/

Daily useful links for game developers #17

26 July, 2014

Sorry for not posting anything in the last few days, but I am working on the mobile version of Red and Green.

  • GameIndrustry.biz - [Video] 17 lessons for indie developers
  • Gamasutra - Steganography - A neat way of sharing player generated content through shareable images.
  • YouTube - [Video] Borderlands like graphics tutorial
  • YouTube - [Video series] Math for game developers
  • Prismata.net - "Why I quit my PhD at MIT to start a gaming studio"
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